Richard C. (Dick) Waters, PhD

Dick Waters is President, CEO & Research Fellow of Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL).

Dick received his Ph.D. from MIT in artificial intelligence (AI) in 1978. For the next 13 years he worked at the MIT AI Lab as a Research Scientist and co-principal investigator of the Programmer's Apprentice project. Dick was a founding member of the Mitstubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL) in 1991. As a MERL researcher, his work centered on multi-user interactive environments for work, learning and play. In January 1998, Dick became Director of the MERL's long range Research operations. In December 1999, he became CEO of MERL as a whole.

In addition to his technical work, Dr. Waters is chairman of the board of Trustees of the Carroll School, and President of the John L. and Geraldine R. Weil Memorial Charitable Foundation, which is dedicated to the understanding and elimination of child abuse.

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